This is a new micro-site made by me, Jon Worth, about tactical voting at the UK General Election. You can find out more about me on my blog here.

After Boris Johnson first called the General Election, I started investigating how to vote tactically – essentially to keep the Conservatives out, and to give us a chance of stopping Brexit. Those investigations led to this original post on my blog – a kind of guide to tactical voting.

I then wondered what else I can do regarding tactical voting, and the result is this site – more than 120 short videos explaining how to vote tactically in the individual constituencies where this will really matter at the 2019 General Election.

Why am I doing all of this, I suppose you wonder?

I am a UK citizen and UK voter, but I am based in Germany. That means I cannot do regular election campaigning on the ground. Hence this effort to contribute to the discussion in the UK digitally.

I have received no payment from anyone for this site. I host it myself, at my own costs, except for the videos that are hosted on Youtube as my server is not good enough to host a load of videos. 2 friends of mine – Rose Newell, and someone who wishes to stay anonymous – have given me a lot of their time, for free, to help me with the videos. While I might make mention of other tactical voting tools, I am affiliated to none of them.

In party political terms I am not a member of any UK political party. I was a member of the Labour Party until 2013, and since then I have been a member of the German Grüne (Greens).